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Buy two handcart to want " 3 check "
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AsTwo handcartTrading grow in quantity, a few aboutTwo handcartThe problem of buying and selling also is shown come out. Connoisseur introduction, the person that plans to buy old car should note 3 big questions.

Introduce according to this connoisseur, buyTwo handcartHad better entrust when trade of field hang out one's shingle agent, they are more professional and reliable, yesTwo handcartcar condition, function and value are fairer than average person be expert at. Nevertheless, anyhow 3 problems want to make clear Hunan before pay, otherwise, the ability after opposite party giving money after clinching a deal discovers problem reconditioning was bothered. This 3 big questions basically are:

The first: One is taken a fancy to in bourseTwo handcartHind, must be in charge of an understanding to be clear about the true condition of this car to the car first before clinch a deal, whether to enter door file, whether is license plate true license plate.

The 2nd: Want to provide an understanding to the car, whether this car has the traffic side such as accident lawsuit since period of time recently stay processing particulars of a matter, should make a thorough investigation of this car has without traffic accident details of a case, whether be " blameless body " .

The 3rd: Should understand clear preparation to be boughtTwo handcarteach are relevant circumstance of year of careful, travelling expenses, include to whether already bought year of ticket or have default the circumstance such as cost of maintain a road.

Above 3 respects, it is to buyTwo handcartthe person is sure to want to notice. In addition, if can pass a few human relations in society, understand primary vehicle advocate business standing, more reduce a few risks after buying. For reliable for the purpose of, the client is inTwo handcartBefore clinching a deal, might as well Xiang Yuan car advocate understanding is clear, whether did this car ever use as loan mortgage, have without guaranty burden, it is clear to had better want to ask first, still answer to deal with notarial formalities when formalities of conduction car transfer ownership when necessary.

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