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Two handcart choose to check engine through engine oil
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Consumer is being boughtTwo handcartWhen, be afraid besides afraid accident car most those who fear is to be afraid ofEngineHave a problem. A few introduce to pass engine oil inspection to everybody belowEnginemethod, choose for youTwo handcartReferenced.

1, check tail gas. If tail gas is blue smoke, demonstrate lose effectiveness of spiracle oil seal, engine oil entered cylinder firebox; Returning a likelihood is piston annulus and cylinder wall space too big or piston annulus ruptures wait for breakdown; Or as a result of,beEngineOil seal ageing reachs attaint, cause engine oil to use up overmuch, at this momentEngineNeed overhaul.

2, examination engine oil builds a mouth. Twist next cheering to build, turn over it observation bottom, can be in so the trace that cheers top bottom to see old oily dirty even oil. If cheer lid underside to have a brunet milk that has sticky consistency, still have as little as smeary compound water, this is abnormal condition, the likelihood is a crock mat, crock is built or cylinder body has damage, in bringing about antifreeze infiltration engine oil, cause. If have this kind of circumstance happening, the engine oil that is polluted is opposite likelyEngineInterior is caused damage, EngineThe likelihood needs overhaul.

3, dipstick of examination engine oil. Pull out its, examine oily aspect above all, fat face height should be between top part and lowermost place. If oily fluid area is too small, long because lubricate,travel is met undesirable and attaintEngine, also can give annulus of mat of spiracle, cylinder, piston to cause damage. Car is worn the engine oil that the car observes to whether the ground of car bottom has leakage in a few minutes, observationEngineWhether is there mark of engine oil leakage on cylinder body, if can detect conditionally cylinder pressure, look to whether appear leak and toEngineThe component causes damage.

4, color of examination engine oil. Can take out a piece of white paper, pull out engine oil feet is wiped on paper, observe the condition of engine oil color and impurity. After changing engine oil commonly, color of the engine oil after car uses period of time can blacken, this is normal; And if engine oil shows other color,be abnormal phenomenon. If discover,have emulsion, show water of the interfuse in engine oil, the likelihood isEngineCooling system and combustion system have connect leak circumstance.

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