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What should notice when choosing two handcart
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Now because buy the person of two handcart a lot of, but to two handcart choose knowledge little little. As a result of general primary vehicle advocate the advantageous field that sells a car to place is told morer, and tell less to adverse respect, often can be opposite the person that buy a car causes a misdirect, after the abet that need a car uses period of time, just discover the car is put in many problems. Buying two handcart so, of two handcart a heart must take more when choosing, note the following case.

Before buying a car, want the technical condition of microscope car above all. Must check car to leave factory time, devoted operation time, discard as useless time, can ask professional personage to have identification to the use value of car and technical condition when necessary, also can ask those who have experience to repair drive personnel to undertake start off experiments, make necessary component inspection. Examine all sorts of certificate seriously even, examine plan cost pay receipt and all sorts of relevant formalities, mix when necessary primary vehicle advocate be in charge of sectional one by one to check to the car together.

After buying a car, answer to be in charge of a branch in time to deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register to the car, otherwise buying and selling is invalid. If the car already came down to buy surely, should be the same as primary vehicle advocate arrive together hand in the branch such as canal, carry canal, check ask forring, insurance to deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register of of all kinds certificate, if there is a problem to appear in the process here, after waiting for problem appropriate to had been solved, give former car again advocate sum pays. Car is sure to also want to deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register. Byelaw of our country insurance sets, the insurance policy that is sure except freightage or insurance proof but by cast protect just make over, need not ask for so that be sure to just be the same as an accident, the change the name of owner in a register of other insurance mark, make over or sell, should inform insurance face to face beforehand square, just agree via insurance and correct insurance policy or insurance proof rear for effective, otherwise the change the name of owner in a register from insurance mark, when make over or selling, rise, insurance liability is stopped all right namely. In addition, if buy, is battalion carry car, must ask operation route of primary vehicle chief commander and bus stop card sell along with all the others along with the car. If be a taxi,must want to have valuation implement, dome light, and with the number conform to on certificate; If be passenger car of carry of the battalion that decide a line, the conform to of line brand number that must want to extend with operation branch.

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