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Choose two handcart " early cool firm "
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When just when more and more consumer look not to know new car,depreciating continuously, the two handcart that many users buy the price to be stabilized relatively to answer burning hot summer to begin a consideration, as a whole, continueing to September all the time June is two handcart first the convention that seeks for be more than is off-season, middleman of this moment old car often trades to reach, indirect ground reduced profit to anticipate sacrifice even the profit of certain car has sales promotion.
This one period buys two handcart to often compare be to one's profit, but when choosing two handcart, consumer should choose the rate that keep a cost to compare tall car as far as possible.
Generally speaking, the depreciation of before 5 years of value after new car is bought is the most apparent, basically meet before two years especially depreciation 30% the left and right sides, when buying two handcart if can choose to use 3~5 as far as possible year car, so follow-up use depreciation is not apparent, get at the same time of new car depreciate the impact won't be very big, new car of the end of the year depreciates cause depreciate the loss won't increase further.
Additional, in summertime alternative two handcart have 3 better small key.
"Early " : Choose two handcart in the morning, the first, climate is more comfortable; The 2nd, morning traffic starts the true condition that can reflect traffic better below cold car condition, start especially, the systematic work circumstance such as ignition.
"Cool " : Many user choose and buys are secondhand when weather is torrid the car basically is to assure to have a cool space, when choosing two handcart so, the air conditioning system that choice car emphasizes on the foundation must pick in former some, best the working state that can know air conditioning below transport condition.
"Firm " : Because the summer is off-season, the normal stocks of two handcart market will be some more than wanting before, the model that can choose is more, because of this not little user " cross-stitch work eye " , but because weather is torrid, because choice of this a lot of moment is secondhand the car is more anxious, this can create understanding car situation one-sided sex, want to maintain state of mind of stable choose and buy so.
The near future buys two handcart opportunity to had been compared, proposal user can come in free time normal market has a look, choose the tool of ride instead of walk with a reliable material benefit to spend burning hot summer.

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