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2008 will be true two handcart displacement year
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Appear from domestic car city " blowout " calculated 2002 case, the two handcart that predict to will be greeted 2007 originally " displacement tide " , if people place wishs,do not have however that kind is violent. Although go one year in, two handcart market had greater progress, numerous car look forward to sends force brand in succession two handcart, but the market shows " displacement year " feature not very apparent. To this, chinaCarLuo Lei of current association deputy secretary-general is opposite in not long ago when two handcart market undertook expectation 2008, express, "Transfer the summit is imminent, the market will greet great progress period " . The expert inside course of study also is forecasted, this kind of trend will get showing more roughly this year, appear probably large-scaleTwo handcart displacementTide, will become 2008 true " displacement year " .

Because Beijing will hold the Olympic Games this year, to air quality can undertake be controllinged strictly, country 4 after discharging a standard to apply formally, still can increase rightCarTail gas discharges punish strength of pollution, discharge volume of car exceeding bid to may be restricted, in this kind big environment falls, one part person may consider to change existing discharge the car with inferior standard. Ya Yun Cun of Beijing north celestial bodiesCarTrade Su Hui of market general manager expresses, below the big setting of the Olympic Games, ConsumerBe invigorated very easily by a kind of spirit, have the desire that trades good car, because of the displacement this this yearCarUpgrade replacement will naturally make market main trend, promote two handcart market to flourish further.

Su Hui thinks, "The consumptive sense of people is more real nowadays, for example: Beijing can execute only even numbers likely during the Olympic Games to be restricted to guild regulations calm, make a fewConsumerHad the idea that buys a two handcart again, the person of odd numbers license plate wants to buy the car of an even numbers license plate, had had even numbers car want to buy an odd numbers car, this kind of trend was met 2008 apparently, at present the two handcart of near 90% are Beijing area trades of change the name of owner in a register. At present the two handcart of near 90% are Beijing area trades of change the name of owner in a register..

AsConsumermaturity and the high speed of two handcart markets develop, ConsumerNew to buying car still is two handcart had produced very big change, buy car, transferring proportion 2 times to increase ceaselessly. The accurate new car that goes up as a result of two handcart market is increasing, add on two handcart to protect a value to lead taller, price relatively the reason such as stability, getting increasing
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