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Buy the 6 big item that two handcart should notice
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A lot of people think to buyTwo handcartMost be to one's profit, butConsumerNot be an expert after all, yesTwo handcartThe problem that in trading, exists and " B door " , also do not have a few people naturally to be done clearly. Believe essence is in charge ofTwo handcartProfessional personage of the center is this action: BuyTwo handcart, should notice 6 parts most.

One, procedure is not whole

  Two handcartWhole procedure includes: Car registers card (or buy a car original bill) , travel card, car purchases proof of tax pay taxes, maintain a road to expend formalities to reach hand in strong danger to wait. If car registers card, travel card to be short of,hand in maintain a road of strong danger, car to expend existence charge to default, can bring endless trouble to the person that buy a car. When because this is in,buying a car, be like a bargainor to cannot issue whole procedure, ConsumerShould special vigilance.

2, underhand method is used on odograph

MostlyConsumerLike to judge car condition by odograph, and the bargainor often can capture this kind of psychology to use underhand method on odograph. Actually course of development just does not record the label of use intensity, it is car more the logger that other part maintenance changes. If the person that buy a car shows according to the odograph that has used underhand method will do maintain, will bring to safety a series of potential hidden danger.

3, new lacquer is masked " traumatic "

  ConsumerChoose and buyTwo handcartWhen, if old car is new spray paint, and before there is the mark that repair all round column of face, rear and A, B, C, this car has produced accident of great liaison man extremely likely.

4, " recuperate a heart " money of raise up the price

A lot ofConsumerThe car often pays close attention to too when buying a car " heart " , and the health that ignored automobile body. Two handcartThe person that sell was captured just aboutConsumerthis kind of psychology, through changing motor component, make car " heart " appear young, with drive up price.

5, " battalion turns blame " deceive pass a barrier

Alleged " battalion turns blame " car, it is to point to will use at rental battalion to carry car pretends to be car of the carry that be not battalion. This kind of car looks seem quality new fixed number of year is brief, the value is good also. ButConsumerDo not know what discard as useless compulsively to use fixed number of year of this kind of car is 8 years however, can undertake adjourning use far from.

6, illegal record was not handled.
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