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Si Ke is amounted to will introduce the end of the year of medium-sized car Supe
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19 days, lend Chengdu the opportunity that the car unfolds, shanghai [quote and configuration | Picture] the masses [quote and configuration | Picture] Si Ke amounts to Fu Jiang of assistant inspector general of sale career department to accept media special report. Amount to the current situation of the brand and development with respect to Si Ke, accepted media reporter special report. Face in the bookshops to amount to high-quality goods car in the light of Si Ke a variety of hearsays of Fabiya, fu Jiang gives formally clear: "Fabiya will appear on the market formally within year, do not have final name ' brilliant acute ' " .

The end of the year of ● homebred Fabia appears on the market

"Fabia homebred plan goes well, ground of in an orderly way undertakes " , fu Jiang expresses to the reporter, the near future about this car homebred do not have the report that postpone factual basis. And according to Shanghai [quote and configuration | Picture] the masses [quote and configuration | Picture] plan of put into production, fabia will this year the end of the year appears on the market. As we have learned, before this, the report of a media of domestic says, fabia arranges contaminative issue as a result of HPS system existence, will suspend go into operation.

Fu Jiang tells a reporter, according to Shanghai [quote and configuration | Picture] the masses [quote and configuration | Picture] the model program that Si Ke amounts to, in introduce compact model after Che Mingrui, will introduce Superb of small-sized model Fabia, medium-sized car in succession, thereby compose builds a complete product line.

The Beijing this year [quote and configuration | Picture] the car is exhibited on, those who pass replacement is brand-new Fabia appears first in home, drew wide attention. According to the arrangement that Si Ke amounts to, fabia will be in Guangzhou car was exhibited in November appear on the market, and the model will reach store of each district distribute in September.

In addition, about media coverage denominate is Fabiya " brilliant acute " report, fu Jiang says " this matter has not decided finally. " the market research that should pass rigor because of the denominate of new car, win customer approve the sanction with the board of directors. In addition still want a state industrial and commercial after the branch such as total bureau is approved, ability is formal denominate.

● Si Ke is amounted to march formally small-sized car market

According to Shanghai [quote and configuration | Picture] the masses [quote and configuration | Picture] program, in prospective 2-3 year, the product line overall arrangement that the card will make Sikedapin have tens of 3 cart department, paragraph models into has the service network position of characteristic alone with what have international level, strive to let Si Ke amount to a brand to be in China of the market have rate achieve 3% . And the 2nd car chooses Fabia, good sale appears in Europe besides this car outside the trend, market of domestic small-sized car is shown erupt type growth also is one big reason.
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