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Power annals flares 09 times appear on the market
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Power annals with “ 09 times 3 new ” serve “ new product, new technology, newly namely”To design a concept, it is a target in order to satisfy market diversity requirement, break through ego ceaselessly, in season take the place of and change, rise truckload security, comfortable sex and hold charge convenient sex, it is Tianjin more one steam [quote and configuration | Picture] will be gone after indefatigably for years.
New product ——20 optimize improve feeling safety comfortable
Power annals 09, change human nature the design to blend in drive by the experience: Comprehensive and delicate the interior trim that change and seat design, exalt comfortable sex and character feeling considerably; What science and technology changes is practical deploy upgrade, safe and convenient reveal use value. Change style of 內 act the role ofing, electron subtly system of guard against theft of chip of double safe gasbag, engine, back a car radar 20 are optimized improve, it is with the person everywhere this, let your heart have feeling.
New technology —— is brand-new AMT hand from feeling of transmission of an organic whole follow one's inclinations
Power annals 09, it is home Ma Ruili company of first embarking Italy is brand-new AMT hand discharges volume model from the gold of transmission of type of an organic whole. The hand operation from unifinication, need not oil leaves cooperate, convenient drive, economy saves oil. No matter the hand uses the racing car below mode like gallop fun, still be the smooth travel below automatic mode, power annals all can control 09 times along with the heart, let your heart have feeling.
New service —— is brand-new and close service feeling is with the person this
Power annals 09, the use that shows loving care for you by the heart experiences: 4 years or 100 thousand kilometer is protected character period, let you all over 1000 hill all right 10 thousand water, all does not have trouble back at home; Maintain freely 4 times, whole journey warms meaning photograph is followed, caress you drive; Rescuing service of free road surface, at any time and place, finish drive a vehicle is perplexed. Brand-new service concept, always be with you this, let your heart have feeling.
Serve ” “ new product, new technology, newly---Power annals 09: Enterprising, can feel can touch
09 models abound power annals for: Elite, admiral, provided different choice space for the user. Power annals shares 20 09 times to improve a project, include: 1, embarking AMT hand from transmission of type of an organic whole; 2, gasbag of electronic type double safety; 3, engine chip guard against theft; 4, in buy takes liquid crystal to show index meter; 5, modelling of dashboard interior trim and color; 6, modelling of control clutch operation; 7, modelling of the plaque inside the door; 8, give blast tuyere facial expression; 9, steering wheel of manual tailor derma; 10, key-press of much contact horn; 11, seat fabrics and modelling; 12, door is prevented touch; 13, headlight height is adjustable; 14, back a car radar; 15, car door lock stops orgnaization; 16, Ⅲ of country of green environmental protection / Ⅳ OBD; 17, floor passageway box; 18, jacket of hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes; 19, CD and remote control key; 20, door lock is shut oneself reach dynamoelectric window to rise automatically to wait.
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