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The 8th Dai Yage 2.4 EX Navi appears on the market
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On September 12, in the 8th generation sales volume of accumulative total of month of 1-8 of elegant cabinet car takes the lead in breaking through 100 thousand, champion of sales volume of limousine car of certain between two parties during, this Guangzhou cropland [quote and configuration | Picture] car limited company announces, roll out a the 8th acting elegant cabinet (of Accord) car brand-new edition of model 2.4 EX Navi, manufacturer coachs valence is two hundred and forty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, enjoy “ truckload 3 years or ” of 100 thousand kilometers guarantees policy. This model new car has arrived at this Guangzhou cropland in succession [quote and configuration | Picture] sale of 387 engage by special arrangement of countrywide serves store, accept in the round book.

So far, inside the nine month time that be less than, car of the 8th acting elegant cabinet rolled out 2.0L, 2.4L, 3.5L in succession platoon of 3 kinds of gold measures combination, in all the new model of 7 different configuration, be in one hundred and eighty-one thousand eight hundred yuan - three hundred and thirty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan price interval essence gets stuck definitely, compose was built intermediate the product matrix with the most powerful market, to capture champion of annual sales volume laid solid foundation.

Consolidate position of Wang Zhe of 2.4L fractionize market

2.4L by fair consider as intermediate gold platoon quantity, market competition is most intense, and elegant cabinet brand is market of fractionize of this one quantity from beginning to end get military vehicle model. This year on January 6, the 8th acting elegant cabinet what first appearing on the market is model of volume of two 2.4L platoon, fix a price among them two hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan 2.4 EX predominate is intermediate the price of the market is fiducial, and fix a price 26. 2 480 thousand yuan. 4EXL Navi is by right of rich configuration intermediate the market erected luxurious new surveyor's pole. 1-8 month, force of the 8th acting elegant cabinet is seized intermediate sales volume total champion, model of these two 2.4L stands finished one's contributions in work, of 2.4EX Navi appear on the market, will consolidate the 8th acting elegant cabinet is in further the Wang Zhe position of 2.4L fractionize market.

According to introducing, the edition of 2.4 EX Navi that appears on the market this took the lead in providing the picture news that brings 40G hard disk in be the same as scale model navigation system, can store 3000 song, absolve not only read the inconvenience that takes navigation CD, and can admit the CD song that has broadcasted automatically, through one key type muti_function pushbutton can have convenient and direct operation to its, drive active safety is able to promote.
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