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09 Fox appear on the market 25 days to fasten mark to match side safety gasbag c
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New Fox both sides (left) , 3 compartment (right) older money has the exterior to upgrade greatly, more show move feeling. Data picture

Our newspaper reporter is learned last week, new Ford [quote and configuration | Picture] Fox

Configure or highlight security

It is reported, the dynamical system of 2009 Fox and photograph of old money model compare change not quite, 1.8 litres when will still maintain existing Fox, 2 litres of two paragraph gasoline engine, move with time hand, automatic, model of both sides, 3 compartment.

In addition the reporter understands, chang'an [quote and configuration | Picture] Ford [quote and configuration | Picture] Ma Zida [quote and configuration | Picture] 2009 Fox that roll out have than old money besides outer view respect very big outside adjusting, interior trim respect also is not confined to modelling to change. Learn according to the reporter, the interior trim of 2009 Fox will use data of many win over by soft tactics, assemble what quality also will reflect on craft to rise.

At the same time the configuration of this car has upgrade, message personage discloses, mark of whole department model matchs side safety gasbag to will be become homebred of 2009 Fox sell a site greatly.

Carry out in the round " use feeling design "

Below the premise that new Fox covers an external form in minimal change automobile body as far as possible the exterior to Ford [quote and configuration | Picture] Smith initiates fourth · of horse of European design chief inspector " use feeling design " the style draws close. The exterior after altering includes " use feeling design " the round horn echelon of mark sex " big mouth " and big-eared eye headlight, in the meantime before the modelling all round fog lamp also to Mengdiou

After old money Fox is replaced by 2009, chang'an [quote and configuration | Picture] Ford [quote and configuration | Picture] Ma Zida [quote and configuration | Picture] the model that car production sells will be carried out in the round " use feeling design " concept, with Ford [quote and configuration | Picture] European product line realizes complete butt joint.

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