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Does national electrified wire netting prepare to construct fill power station n
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"The oil in if electric car fills a power station,also resembling and in petrochemical gas station is euqally much, china is the world of pure electric car certainly. " commercialize foreground to what pure electric car is in China, "Batteries king " the Biyadi of Wang Chuanfu and his in control of [quote and configuration | Picture] religiosity not doubt. Nevertheless, present crucial question is, when in technology of pure electric car the obstacle is captured by one by one, who comes to electric car power supply?

Strange luck of clear source of universal of Wuhan east wind, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Anhui [quote and configuration | Picture] with Chongqing Chang'an [quote and configuration | Picture] wait, threw on the research and development of pure electric car likewise gigantic endowment home is truckload with component enterprise, also come true at an early date in what dreaming to fill network of power station form a complete set.

Now, as national electrified wire netting " accelerate each district to fill a power station to build " of the announcement allot, the policy that electric car commercializes block up firm ice appears already become loose. Industry is this excitement unceasingly.

Fill a power station to build " pilot " a sth capable of comforting sb of car look forward to

The reporter understood from interior of company of national electrified wire netting a few days ago, company of electrified wire netting of country of not long ago already dispatch, clear support is in Shanghai [quote and configuration | Picture] , Beijing [quote and configuration | Picture] , the big city such as Tianjin accelerates electric car to fill a power station to build.

"In a few big cities first charging after station building, will become ' set an example move ' of electric power of complement of pure electric car base station. And want large-scale inside countrywide limits construction electric car fills power station network, still need national hair to change appoint the approval that waits for a government sector. " the exposure of a controller that occupies ministry of sale of company of national electrified wire netting, prepare to construct by national electrified wire netting first " set an example " electric car fills a power station, serving a target is pure dynamoelectric bus not just, still include future to commercialize the pure electric car with older foreground. Occupy reporter understanding additionally, build to fill power station place to spend cost at present, be in about 250 thousand ~30 between 10 thousand yuan of RMBs.

Not come singly but in pairs, ministry of science and technology put forward a few days ago " 10 cities 1000 " car of new energy resources is large-scale demonstrative operation plan, also be in for electric car large-scale commercialize " rehearse " pull open prelusive.
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