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One steam - masses nimble amounts to new associate, new advance guard to appear
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Safety is comfortable and overall upgrade Mention nimble is amounted to, do not have a person to be able to feel unfamiliar, china comes 18 years ago, once led car market of China brand-new the model of the times, experienced old market severe test, the technology is improved and upgrade for many times replacement still leads the car market that runs to be fastened with class. Recently, one steam [quote and configuration | Picture] - the masses [quote and configuration | Picture] announce the nimble below the banner amounts to a model to upgrade in the round, be in Shanghai [quote and configuration | Picture] , the market of region of the eastpart part such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hubei appears on the market formally sale. As we have learned, the product name that appears on the market this is new associate and new advance guard. In hold to nimble to amount to sex of series model motivation driving, sturdy durable, economy is comfortable on the foundation that waits for a series of fine quality, new associate and new advance guard are shirt-sleeve more vigor, recreational element, pay attention to the comprehensive promotion that waits for a respect in security and comfortable sex more.

Equipment upgrades the explore below the price In exterior respect, continue to use of new companionate model the classical exterior that nimble amounts to spring, have change paragraph automobile body 2 times of ” likeness with “ spring. In configuration respect, new associate matchs the car acoustics of the function that take CD as mark, catered to nowadays consumer to be opposite compact model the demand of acoustics of domestic litter car. In price respect, new associate reduced 2000 yuan than ” of “ old associate, new advance guard also fluctuates in the foundation of ” of “ old advance guard moved 9000 yuan, let an user enjoy more material benefit not only, more show nimble to amount to the competitive advantage in be the same as scale model.

Choose because of character Nimble of 18 years amounts to freely car altar the car gives a person very dependable sense all the time, the characteristic with durable fact of German train wagon and the rigorous concept that build a car gets incisively and vividly in the play on its body. No matter dynamical performance, safety performance still is fuel economic performance, nimble is amounted to maintaining higher level from beginning to end. Meanwhile, face what consumer grows increasingly to buy car demand, nimble is amounted to also undertake the technology upgrades ceaselessly, in order to get used to the market demand of constant change. The product fixed position of illicit of fair appropriate of good public praise, appropriate and the after service network that spread all over countrywide each district also make its accept numerous scale wider, even if the intermediate car market that comes forth in large numbers in new car, the sales volume that nimble amounts to also carries van from beginning to end. 2008, although city of our country car encounters a lot of predicament, integral development rhythm tends alleviation, but the competition of each fractionize markets still intense. Of this new associate, new advance guard roll out will amount to the competition in intermediate car market to add weight for nimble, enlarge its further the market is had rate
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