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[Sell] Sang Dana of Chongqing Shanghai masses 2000 two handcart
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Vehicle is main information
Information releases time: 2008-9-24

Number: 0924227738 car type: Sedan
Go up card date: Color of 1998-9 automobile body: Black
Car brand: Set of Shanghai masses car: Sang Dana 2000
Model of car: License plate city: City of Chongqing of municipality directly under the Central Government
Car is detailed information

Price of carry out car: Thirty-seven thousand five hundred yuan of   examine quoted price of this model new car
The watch shows a kilometer: One billion six hundred and ninety-nine million nine hundred and ninety thousand kilometer discharges an amount: 1.8
Yearly check: 2009-9 raises travelling expenses: 2008-10
Safe: 2009-9
Configuration option

Aid cubic metre to, electric car window, dermal seat, CD dish machine, the hand uses gear, air conditioning
Remarks explains

Canister of 65 litres of gas commutes do not have big question formalities with very applicable car all ready and intended person can test-drive rejects car dealer

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