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[Sell] Chongqing east wind is beautiful and beautiful 307 two handcart
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Vehicle is main information
Information releases time: 2008-9-23

Number: 0924227552 car type: Sedan
Go up card date: Color of 2006-8 automobile body: Blue
Car brand: Weather vane sends car set east: Beautiful 307
Model of car: License plate city: City of Chongqing of municipality directly under the Central Government
Car is detailed information

Price of carry out car: 98 thousand yuan of   examine quoted price of this model new car
The watch shows a kilometer: 50 thousand kilometer discharges an amount: 2
Yearly check: 2008-7 raises travelling expenses: 2009-8
Safe: 2009-8
Configuration option

Aid cubic metre to, ABS system, door lock accuses in, EBD system, dermal seat, dynamoelectric rearview mirror, CD dish machine, safe gasbag, the hand uses gear, air conditioning

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