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The car protects be or get out of danger to should report a case to the security
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Does automobile body encounter small scratch need not put on record every time? Gave an accident what means can allow a car advocate are oneself held active? Trouble spot you should how won't be lash-up processing just become calculate of thing other one party? To every these cars advocate the situation that encounters possibly, the reporter adopts safe and professional public figure, summary gives following points, offer a car advocate precautions averts perils.

Save spot benefit at obtaining compensate

If do not have camera or camera, the mobile phone that can take a picture with you are OK also the picture that takes next trouble spot for a short while makes testimony, this is the most effective to the case of fast processing, and can reduce a lot of brawl to accident responsibility.

before, hind, left, on the right side of, left before, right before, left hind, right hind, what take next collision place even is close according to, content caustic also abides by this method: Arrive from integral distant view local close shot. Such doing can reduce formalities of compensate of the following manage greatly.

"Small touch small blow " also should report a case to the security authorities

A lot of cars advocate often think a few small drop lacquer, small touch without the relation, flat sign up for insurance company again later all the time the small collision since fosters cordial relations between states together, actually this thought is wrong, because insurance company receives you to report a case to the security authorities, the accident that they can type you this, as to the 78 bagatelle friend that may produce before you he won't be in charge of, and thing onetime capital has an effectiveness for a given period of time (average insurance company is 48 hours, if be about overtime,insurant takes Id original to arrive personally) of case of insurance company make a report after the event, produce small postaccident when you so, you can sign up for insurance company first, but need not decide first caustic and long car, it is every time such, one-time calm caustic mixes the ability when waiting for you to feel to blow beautiful trace to affect you to love the exterior of the car long car.

Insurance card is taken

Insurance company regulation, after accident happening, should involve insurance company only, must know in time to meet insurance company. In case be or get out of danger, want to be contacted directly with insurance company at least. Carry card of motor-driven car insurance to get stuck along with the car, there is the guarantee slip number, important information such as model car date above, when dialing insurance company hotline, need provides the basic case such as nature of time of guarantee slip number, be or get out of danger, place, accident.

The confidential when reporting a case to the security authorities is seasonable and accurate
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