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How to prevent air conditioning effectively to become moldy
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Problem one: Hear the car stops to shut air conditioning door to leave immediately, bring about air conditioning easily to become moldy?

Solve: Car advocate after reaching destination, it is to in the sky close to move door hind to leave directly commonly. With Qiu Dong season differs, in burning hot summer, the tremendous difference in temperature of car inside and outside can bring about air conditioning system to become moldy, seasonal air conditioning uses Qiu Dong decrease, cause mould easily. Accordingly car advocate air conditioning should be put out a few minutes before reaching destination, open nature wind, make the temperature inside air conditioning conduit picks up, eliminate the difference in temperature with the outside, what maintain air conditioning system thereby is relatively dry, avoid mould breed.

Problem 2: Abnormal knocking of travel of car low speed is not apparent, high speed travel gives out even buzz. Why?

Solve: This kind of phenomenon can appear when the bearing of a certain wheel of car damages. Long-distance travel is very tall to the bearing requirement of the wheel, bearing is in long high speed moves below, quality is bad to perhaps had used the bearing of a long time to because exhaustion damages,be met, give out abnormal knocking.

Solve: Undertake judging to abnormal knocking place to service station, concluding is the problem of which wheel, undertake changing.

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