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Antirust anticorrosion wet not forgets to wash a car
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A rainstorm comes down, originally dirty car becomes clean, many cars advocate think leave out washs vehicle fund, actually this is wrong think of a way. Repair in order to raise era, it is the most scientific method that use a car, among them, washing a car is what often should do most is small maintain. The personage inside course of study of vehicle maintenance and repair reminds broad car advocate, wet wants those who pay attention to a car to maintain, washing a car is indispensable more.

Wet washs a car: Anticorrosion, antirust

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, the acidity composition in rainwater is the oldest enemy of car lacquer face, on the automobile body after rain turbid the beamed meeting that encounters sunshine raises temperature of automobile body surface, local acidity material chroma can rise, car lacquer surface can be corroded bit by bit.

Next, in wet, car batholith and tire are touched easily sewage and silty, if be cleaned not in time, the mud of stockpile of location of car underside space and damp are with respect to meeting conceal inside, encounter shade wet weather, rust easily. Accordingly, in rainwater more summer, do not forget wet undertakes be cleaninged seriously to whole automobile body afterwards. In addition, an oily diaphragm is hit on love automobile body, can prevent rainwater effectively to corrode lacquer face directly.

In the meantime, the car maintains professional personage respecting, car lacquer and our skin are same, need to periodic nurses and maintain. In blame monsoon, besides undertaking necessary lacquer face hairdressing, car advocate often also should wash a car. Often wash a car, can purify adhere is in car lacquer apparently dust, preserve lacquer area smooth, reduce the number that the face that make paint maintains.

Diy washs car clew: Note the temperature of weather and water

A lot of cars advocate oneself start work when it is good in weather fine to like to choose wash a car, but steam builds personage proposal car advocate do not wash car below burning sun or high temperature, may make scour gets on one hand stoving and the mark leaves in car lacquer surface, on the other hand lacquer face drip wipes not seasonable meeting to form tiny lens, cause lacquer cover local temperature is exorbitant, cause burn.

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