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Language of general motors skeletonize
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Appendix language of one GM general motors skeletonize
Status of grade of 1-GR 1st-Gear-Status 1
Archives of 123R 1-2-3-RNG 1-2-3 switch
Status of grade of 2-GR 2nd-Gear-Status 2
3-GR 3rd-Gear-Status 3 blocks condition
Archives of 4-3 4th/3rd-Downshift 4 / action of 3 archives downshift
Status of grade of 4-GR 4th-Gear-Status 4
Switch of A-SW Air-Switch air
A/F Air/Fuel-Ratio sky is lighted than
ABPR ABS-Pump-Request is prevented hold action of pump of braking system all in the arms
ABS ABS is prevented adopt braking system interconnected system
ABSL ABS-Lamp is prevented hold emergency warning lamp of braking system all in the arms
ABSR ABS-Relay is prevented hold relay of braking system all in the arms
ABSS ABS-Stop is prevented hold braking system all in the arms to stop
AC-C A/C-ClutchAir conditioningMachine clutch
Pressure of AC-P A/C-Pressure air-conditioner
Voltage of air-conditioner of AC-V A/C- Voltage
Clutch of ACCL A/C-Clutch air-conditioner
ACEV A/C-Evaporate-Temperature air-conditioner evaporates temperature
Lyons of ACFLO A/C-Freon-Low air-conditioner fluorine is low
ACOT A/C-Compresstion-On-Time air-conditioner is compressed punctual
Action of ACRQ A/C-Request air-conditioner
Condition of ACST A/C-Status air-conditioner
Switch of pressure of ACSW A/C-Press-Switch air-conditioner
ADEL Air-Delivery-Mode air is deferent mode
Alloter of ADIV Air-Diverte air
Flowmeter of AFLO Air-Flow air
AFMA Actual-Force-Motor-Amplifier is actual and puissant motor amplifier
Switch of bad news of AFUE Average-Fuel-Switch average oil