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Officer of hook of oily bad news measures oily bad news to do not have value
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fresh play meaning, but at this late hour, car manufacturer still is surpassed to holding this analogy be very happy with it, interest rate and oil price discretion have the tendency of direct ratio greatly. Be in only recently inside the time of a many month, have one steam, Feng Tian, strange luck, Chang Heling early or late the game that the manufacturer of the many brands such as this cropland and agency organized wood, east wind to give priority to a problem with item oil and activity, and gotten data does not have one exception is to comparative " considerable " , the oily cost after convert rises on average in 3~4 of every 100 kilometers between, the most outstanding is the Big Dipper of wood of prosperous river bell, oily bad news of the champion in the contest that Huaduoli holds Dongguan agency breaks through 100 kilometers already 3 litres close greatly, achieve Jing

Besides exceed low data beyond, the oily waste time that more ace created the oily bad news of automatic archives to move archives, Suv under the hand the miracle under the car. And achievement also appears apodeictic: Not only competition regulation, measurement technique is very close, the spot has what media, notarization is in to supervise more. "Not allow to dispute " the pride of firm of factual enough support: "Saw, the car oily bad news that is not me is big, be you drive way is wrong just. Be you drive way is wrong just..

However after all what kind of means is correct? Mr Chen says a taxi driver that wins out in section oily contest, in the match, he reminds himself to want take things easy all the time, maintain as far as possible all the way divide evenly fast, do not want overtake to also do not want bring to a halt, beetle-crusher bangs accelerator, high-grade low speed leaves slowly, nature can save many oil, of course air conditioning also is absolutely illicit at this moment, otherwise how can oily bad news come down. Such driving means is connected to general car advocate, have how many real value after all, not character is axiomatic.

Buying a car by oily bad news is have one's view of the important overshadowed by the trivial

As oil price go tall ceaselessly, outside saving oil to basically sell a site besides what make manufacturer conduct propaganda increasingly, also became the important and referenced target of many person that buy a car really, even some of person regarded oily bad news as car " sexual price is compared " the first staff guage, fasten a car to stay to people by right of its with respect to the day in the world of dominate exclusively of Hua Na market originally " the province is oily " traditional impression, the position cannot shake more from this.

The consideration when buying a car uses car cost nature right, but if serve as with this the mainest even only standard has however break biasedded. Some consumer overruled a lot of models that are worth to buy because of oily bad news; Comparative basically in other condition, below the case that still has difference even, because " more the province is oily " resolutely selected the price actually expensive piece many day is a car, this plants the circumstance is in reality and many seeing.
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