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Check is current home is the worst decorate of car of 4 kinds of DIY
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Everybody hopes his car is OK extraordinary, so a lot of cars advocate like great below decorate respect work. After a change the appearance, is your love car extraordinary or nondescript after all? Might as well decorate of the worst to current home car of 4 kinds of Diy comes check of one by one!

   Grade is abominable the first: Cheap chassis lamp

What in home we see the chassis light that pass, it is to change one's costume or dress entirely almost a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting of the car.

This kind of dazzling Philistine red, green, La Deng, at all roadside small barbershop or small public house just can be used, not only be full of pornographic imply, still quite the gas with cheap part. Well car, if be afraid of others jest your grade, must not bring owls to Athens!

   Grade is abominable the 2nd: Ugly automobile body paster

Actually, if want to get love car,get individual character some, automobile body paster is the simplest, effective method. Car advocate people can go up in the network greatly and professional car dress shop buys vogue, beautiful paster, stick to automobile body directly more lovely.

But have some of person unluckily, the paster that likes a the sort of small-town tattoo style is done on board, not only aesthetic feeling is without on colour collocation but character, and the design of type of young of ancient be puzzled is stuck on strange luck Qq to make a person really very without language... understandable these cars advocate the state of mind that wants to play the part of cruel, but request to also should measure oneself car and aesthetic level first?

   Grade is abominable the 3rd: Inferior car uses perfume

Have a lot of people, bought Ao Di, imperial crown such good car, be not deserve to get on a bottle of golden car to use perfume: Either mammon is a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, either a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China is imperial crown, either imperial crown is mahjong dice... the heart that get rich, abundantly clear! These cars pledge with scent-bottle itself material inferior, modelling is Philistine also did not carry, most " lamentable " is, it is cost clearly what have a few money only is cheap perfume, should hang however last " France is high-grade perfume " renown head sells about a hundred yuan. Those inferior essence taste, far not as sweet as what buy in the supermarket reside surely will get pleasant...
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