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Is the old car that discharge an amount afraid of expensive behind the curtain?
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Be in the United States, a lot of celebrity attend the party of communal circumstance not to open big platoon to measure luxurious vehicle, be fond of an acute of mixture motivation general however this, the public figure that gives oneself with this is affixed " green label " . Believe to be opposite as home the attention of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, this kind of morality evaluates systematic change to also can happen.

On September 1, contain bright inhibition is big amount the car consumption, new car consumption tax that urges small platoon to measure a car to consume signal begins to carry out. Little part is homebred 3. Model of 0 litres of above, importing the luxurious large model that discharge an amount with much should be to suffer this tax rate to adjust concussion originally the biggest. But,

Will show through consumption, the social identity of play the peacock, this kind of consumption is called show off sexual consumption, call with the article that consumes at this kind show off sexual article. Without doubt, big platoon measures luxurious car to belong to this kind to show off sexual article. Greatly, consumer buys this to plant " oily tiger " because drive,be have outer part very much by this kind of car, be financial capacity and social class is indicative. Accordingly, from this angle analysis, new car consumption tax is led for " curb is big (the platoon is measured) " the secondary action with rise to also have particular considerably, what increased big platoon to measure luxurious vehicle namely then is rare be short of gender and the gender cannot be replaced in what show off a function to go up. Because of the basis of economics " Ji Fen phenomenon " , similar big platoon measures luxurious car this kind of high-grade consumable, often the price is higher demand is more driving, conversely criterion demand decreases.

Big consumption that measures luxurious vehicle is in very hard short-term inside be consumed tax rate to adjust percussive another account is its on function cannot replace a gender. The last ten-day of a month in September, result from the day of North America produces x of e of Ni Di of Ying Fei of burgeoning and luxurious brand 35 will appear on the market in Chinese market, this equipment 3. The big platoon of 6 engine of 5 litres of v measured luxurious car as it happens to catch up with what consumption tax leads to adjust, tax rate comes by the attune on the 15 % before 25 % . Produce Shen Li of inspector general of department of Chinese public relations to introduce according to day, the adjustment of tax rate will affect e x necessarily the price of 35. Nevertheless, comfortable function of this Che Zaishu, drive performance side, have very powerful technology advantage and cannot replace a gender, because this predicts a sale,impetus won't get the influence of price element.

For example, e x 35 it is to look eve is produced provide 360 degrees of panoramic form exclusively what put China on the market the model of supervisory system, have the aid of jockeys this kind support system is particular " bird's eye " mode, back a car complexly easy as my eyes also to the novice. And the intelligence of this car 4 drive system is OK according to road surface state, will around annulus motivation exports proportion by 50: 50 to 0: 100 change. The reporter once was in Lisbon wet is wet interview of slippery high speed road drives this car, although speed per hour has been close to 240 kilometer, but the outstanding sex that seize the ground still can give the person that drive enough hope. Be experienced to going after major to drive and for Gao Shu's measurable consumer, because tax rate is adjusted,abandon very hard buying a car.
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