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The car is worn broken protect column to ram a bus continuously
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Tu Feng) yesterday afternoon 3 when make 20 minutes, south Guangzhou highway northerly direction, out of control of a sedan bumps wear column is protected among the road, a bus of the driveway opposite side on a beat a drum, car driver gets flesh wound. When the accident causes road surface weak point, embrace.

In traffic accident spot, the road protects column 3 paragraphs medium to be bumped to rot, scatter pell-mell on the ground, among them the sedan lie across of Amu196 of another name for Guangdong Province of a license plate is among the driveway, car head is marred badly, the gasbag inside cab spreads out entirely, the driver already was sent toward the hospital, a 51 road buses are left automobile body is mid have the mark that hangs loiter.

The eyewitness of roadside says, afternoon 3 when make 20 minutes, they hear " bang " , see the car has rushed to protect column, the bus of travel of a dash against. "At that time, the car greets look out our bank to sail. " 51 buses driver says, road surface car is much at that time nevertheless, why can he rush to protect column without advertent car.

After traffic accident, eyewitness sees, car driver proper motion walks out of cab, be sent toward the hospital by the ambulance after. Public transportation driver expresses, when the bus is duped, sit have a passenger, but nobody get hurt because of traffic accident. The accident creates Guangzhou highway embrace when road surface is short.

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