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Continue to be restricted to go why to be opposite easily to fair car illicit ho
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Beijing drives one shop traveler less every week about fair car " be restricted to go " measure, once was caused publicly to continueing " be restricted to go " very big discuss. Though go to the bounds after the Olympic Games measure still two kinds of sound have, but need to see more " be restricted to go " be not the length that solves traffic problem for a long time plan. Since be restricted to go,step begins with Olympic Games name, ought to get cancelling in place of the manage after the Olympic Games ends so. If mere because " be restricted to go " executive meeting alleviates greatly traffic pressure and if continueing to carry out, not only can leave the impression that has controller go back on one's word, original intention that returns meeting injury to reach consumer to cooperate actively to common people!

Actually, "Be restricted row

Illicit home car is different from fair car " be restricted to go " require condition more need put in order

Have to say, big city traffic is embraced blocking up is global problem, pure rely on those who restrict car to move, will try to solve traffic issue to be not long plan. This basically depends on limitation arriving to use the right of vehicle of broad consumer legally from the enroach on on the concept. After all, to the masses, not only the country encourages a car to walk into a family, and still from the country put forward to be opposite on old law at all demesne the protective strength of belongings, these explain, as demesne the domestic car of one part uses property, unless national whole needs, otherwise no matter be local government, still be each independent industries, have no right to be used what restrict it normally. Contrary, use an issue as very major fair car however, it is two completely different ideas. On one hand the access of fair car depends on each unit or government sector, limitation rises already can strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, can have favorable example effect again; On the other hand, fair car does not belong to a country to be opposite demesne the protective category of belongings, besides, the concern that faces fair car and illicit car to go up in consumption also widely different, fair car consumption is to using up national natural resources, and illicit car consumption conduces to steam again capital, behoove is in " limitation " on the problem should not talk additionally.

Should say, continue " be restricted to go " jumping-off place although give no cause for more criticism, but its settlement to traffic whole problem, the constructive effect that has the slightest amount or degree hard but character. Still can make management decision-making likewise the sale of square authority and car market, bring unpredictable challenge. Come controller will naturally cling the continue to use of outmodel conventions already implemented regulation, and the challenge of real liaison man that wears to constant change, have capacity of more scientific meet an emergency hard; 2 come " be restricted to go " evenhanded sex is reflected hard, basically be " be restricted to go " once make daily appearance, be good at avoiding " be restricted to go " secure personal gain and go against all sorts of method with current situation to be met by the relation, form the new characteristic of unhealthy tendency. Such looking, manage namely again strict, also hard to avoid has such and such inequitable presence! And to car market character, "Be restricted to go " the sale that goes against a car also is clearly. So, on the problem that is restricted to go to the car, absolutely have to reasonable blind continuance.
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