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Beijing runs quickly and one steam car is in charge of high formerly join in Hua
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Beijing runs quickly Tong Zhiyuan of former senior executive vice president.

One steam car sells Wang Dianming of limited company former general manager.

Report from our correspondent (reporter land Yuan Xietao) Hua Tai car affirms to the outside first yesterday, boreal steam accuses a former vise general manager, Beijing to run quickly - Daimule Kelaisile car limited company (Tong Zhiyuan of former senior executive vice president shows abbreviation BBDC) to join in formally already this company. In the meantime, china peaceful car still announced one steam car sells Wang Dianming of company former general manager to join in the message of this company.

According to reporter understanding, before toward Hua Tai the car assumes office, Tong Zhiyuan has been in afore boreal steam hold post 20 one's remaining years, his Ceng Can and, had chaired car of concept of Beijing jeep 2020T, super Qienuoji, challenger, Jeep2500 and Beijing jeep the development of the many new products such as 2 acting military vehicle works, it is person with ability of the technology that boreal steam interior gets a person to fix eyes upon government.

Tong Zhiyuan was transferred in Feburary this year BBDC, be accused by recall north steam a dominant is own the brand builds the job. After the Beijing car this year April is exhibited, industry goes out child the message that already left boreal steam.

Was confirmed to join in the Wang Dianming that runs a team high ever had held the position of one steam car to sell company general manager before March 2005 by government of China peaceful car at the same time yesterday one duty. He has been in charge of the sale job of red flag brand not only, still amount to the sale job that homebred horse has been in charge of amounting to 6 cars oneself before sale company holds water oneself in one steam horse. According to introducing, hold post of Wang Zaiyi steam 39 years, it is 10 years to be in charge of sale job among them.

Respect of China peaceful car did not disclose yesterday child with the specific duty in car of Wang Zaihua peaceful, but this company emphasizes the own brand that emphasized two people to run experience, express, tong Zhiyuan " it is car of the Hua Tai that carry program the most appropriate person selected of own brand career " , and Wang Dianming " will be Hua Tai car own brand career provides valuable experience " .
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