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"Jin Jiuyin 10 " buy a car car of busy economic wing-rooms on either side of one
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Oil price rises, of the energy-saving catchword that decrease a platoon advocate, let both sides car have " exhibit elegant demeanour greatly " opportunity. Duration fall September, car city also entered a tradition " Jin Jiuyin 10 " , metropolis of inn of a lot of 4s rolls out the privilege of certain level to buy car activity, the plan buying a car of a lot of people also is in right now.

In view of this, the editor recommends 3 outstanding both sides cars for everybody especially, they or beautiful beautiful, or practical, believe to always have a demand that accords with everybody.

   The example of car of both sides of own brand of Frv of nimble of China fine horse

Frv of nimble of China fine horse regards Hua Chen as the both sides model with subordinate and only car, appear on the market only the time of a few months had received 10 thousand order, this sales volume says in the can in own brand peerless.

Qiao Zhiya of Italian famous stylist collect the exterior of the design, what management of combinative BMW quality and profit of abundant cropland seed produce is truckload character, perfect deduction gives Zheng of China morning car and world natural resources to be the concept that I use, also make the character of oneself of Frv of nimble of China fine horse detached piece group.

Frv of nimble of China fine horse was deployed most 4g 13/18 engine achieved the 3 water chestnut that high-power can amount to 74kw Europe ⅳ discharges a standard, coordinate the main aspect before bridge suspension is reversed after Maifuxun, ensured this vehicle performance is steady, motivation is conspicuous, energy-saving environmental protection. Undertake before its appear on the market " Shen Rong " (Shenyang -- Chengdu) deepness tries in driving, frv1.3l of nimble of China fine horse is in a variety of roads such as Campagna, country besides below, air conditioning leaves inside the car and bear the weight of when 4 people, still motive force is conspicuous, and 100 kilometers are actual and average oily bad news is 6.32l only, can says " section oily king " .

Additional, the space of Frv of nimble of China fine horse is very ample also. 2580mm wheelbase can compares 3 side car; Space of ministry of back row head, leg is very ample also, can contain 3 grown men side by side; The mothball box of 314l is enough deal with daily place to need, and the space of mothball box becomes standard figure completely, what won't produce a space is wasteful.

As we have learned, the lowermost price of Frv1.3l of nimble of China fine horse is 55800 yuan only, at present this car has been in in succession each countrywide China 4s inn arrives. Favorite friend moves now, leave to go up in the street or very " pull wind " and substantial.

   Fly newly degree beautiful beautiful appearance
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