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The 10 car companies that rely on warlike get rich greatly
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The 10th: Gentry treasure -- maker of bomber of World War II
Famous index: 7
Warlike index: 8
Aggregate index: 7.5

Gentry treasure (Saab) interpret does Sa uncle, the car that is a Sweden creates a company, build 1932, headquarters is set in Swedish Buddhist nun the library is smooth. Gentry treasure is a company that gives priority to with producing a plane originally, began to produce a car 1946, become the promising young person in this one domain. Its product relatively Woerwo (plute) the company is more luxurious. Because manage difficulty,was bought by company of American general motors 1989 partial equity, now already by general motors company presidential. Gentry treasure car is by flying mechanism

The 9th: BMW -- one battle large quantities of aviation engine order
Famous index: 9
Warlike index: 6
Aggregate index: 7.5

The predecessor of Bmw also is an aircraft factory, they held water on March 7, 1916, original in order to make clipper-built Shuang Yi scout is famed at the world, call Bfw(bayerische Flugzeug-worke) as to the name of this company, "Mechanism of Bafa Ni Yafei builds a plant " , company only then • of Si Tan of auspicious of the name that start a person Otto (Gustan Otto) , its father is the inventor of the four-stroke internal-combustion engine of the great reputation.

BMW Motor Corporation begins in order to produce aviation engine to do poineering work, because this indicates the blue that go up is a sky, white is airscrew. Blue Bai Biao remembers symmetrical figure, also be the city badge of city of company seat Bavaria at the same time.

Cannon rings, gold 10 thousand, name formally in August 1918 for BMW car joint-stock company. This company is obtained in the the First World War large quantities of the martial contract of production aviation engine, consequently healthy.

The 8th: Reynolds -- warlike armory
Famous index: 8
Warlike index: 8
Aggregate index: 8

Come from 1898 1944, reynolds of easy • of company father region is the host of enterprise only. Be located in Bianggu's factory, it is the lab that he himself reveals its machinery to make natural gift, reynolds of road easy • began his car career here.

The war makes Reynolds became a true arsenal. Its product does not have without place: Arrive from artillery shell litter, arrive from famous Ft17t tank engine of aircraft of on 1000 aviation. It still makes an aircraft even. 1919, reynolds becomes the private enterprise with the biggest at that time France. 1939, europe prepares for war the many airlines order of World War II also makes Reynolds benefits a lot. Warlike conflict, still have the competition that comes from Atlantic the other shore, make the enterprise obtained valuable experience lesson from which, accumulated many fund, also make the brand of Reynolds company thorough at the same time popular feeling.
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