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At the end of second-hand car prices
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Car went to a one-year peak, due to a series of policies, the city is currently the major new car sales 4S stores is booming. And the new car as a reporter recently visited Taizhou learned that the old motor vehicle market, nearly a month since the market's sales and traffic has shown a significant increase in selling second-hand car prices has been some modest growth, Chery series FY, QQ and other vehicles rose about 500 yuan. Brands rose significantly "Now the prices in October rose by 1,200 yuan, since the market so uncertain, so the market for some time to see if there is no possibility of price cuts." Scouring used-car market is car Chen said that he saw in this 2009 In February Reiz on the card, just one month rose more than a thousand, to catch the end of the year to take advantage of favorable tide, it is not hope. "At present some of the mass of the used car prices are rising, the rate of increase in the first several hundred thousand dollars." Used car business for many years, Mr. Wang said that the current series of second-hand Volkswagen Bora car marked increase in the basic price stability; Chery used car prices rose 500 yuan, the vehicle focused on the situation in 2003, QQ, Oriental Son. Shanghai GM Buick Series overall prices rose 2,000 yuan, the vehicle concentration in 2008 GL8, LaCrosse, Excelle and other models. Shanghai Volkswagen Passat series overall prices rose 500 yuan, the vehicle concentration in the 2001 1.8L manual car. Audi A6 overall prices rose 1,000 yuan, the vehicle concentration in 2001 1.8T models. It is understood, can be removed from vehicle purchase tax has been selling used cars has long been one of the largest used car depreciation plus purchase tax free, prices are often much cheaper than a new car, have obvious advantages. However, with 1.6 liters last year, the state has adopted the following vehicle purchase tax incentives to buy new cars below 1.6-liter can save 3,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan expenditure, subject to policy stimulus, new car sales increasingly popular. "To some extent, these policies reduce the dominance of second-hand car, but also makes nearly two years of second-hand automobile market economy cars sales and prices lower. The purchase of tax incentives this year coming to an end, so that second-hand cars in particular, is the advantage of economy cars will become apparent, sales and prices expected to rise further. "superior fitness was sales manager of Taizhou Dujing Li said. According to industry analysts, this round of new car used car prices on the one hand is the policy factor, the other is the price of new cars have no car facing the dilemma, which makes many consumers turned to used cars. Very popular small used cars "I shot 11 at the end of a second-hand car, sold 4 million dollars, if you wait a month, and now will be able to sell more shot, then 400 dollars." Selecting a new car is not without regret that Mr. Lee told reporters. Chinese New Year approaching, the city used car market will gradually enter the traditional sales season, w ith the increase in volume, second-hand car market before the Spring Festival will be showing a tight supply situation, many people in the industry have said that "years ago, compare car dealers appropriate. " "Now, like Charade, Fit will sell this car in particular, and is expected before the Spring Festival, trading volume also increases, so it was a relatively new used car shot, one or two hundred more I have come in the car received." Fang Lin in the second-hand car trading center, many brokers have said, "Now overcharging points car can earn more money before the Spring Festival." current Xiali, Fit, POLO, etc. There are small car market, and recently such model is also a general increase in the purchase price of 500 yuan. Charade hatchback in 2006 in which the purchase price in the 13,000 yuan; from 2006 to 2007 manual transmission Ville about the purchase price in 41 thousand yuan; Fit 1.3L 2007, the purchase price on the 68000 yuan.
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