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Characteristics of second-hand car trade show a new lineup of Beverly out of
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Hot new car market transactions have been transmitted to the atmosphere of second-hand car market. In volume growth, the main vehicle used car transactions are also being used by more than 5 years past age of the vehicle's "youngest-like" to be more "young" mid-range cars change. Second-hand car trading: This month ushered in the golden period Yesterday, the airport car park used car market sales data released in November showed that airports used car market in the first 11 months turnover has exceeded 50,000, the 2009 full year turnover of more than 44,000 last year chain volume rose 13.6%. Last year, the city used car trading volume exceeded 10 million units mark for the first time, while the airport car park used car market's trading volume exceeded 50,000, accounting for more than half, to become the city's largest used car market. "Second-hand car market prices are often based on new vehicle as changes in the market, probably about half a year lag." Second-hand car market, according to airport vehicle identification appraiser of old forest introduced in September and October this year, trading volume 9000 reached a record after selling used cars is expected to continue until the situation or even longer before the Spring Festival. Because for used cars, the New Year's Day after a mean age of the vehicle has increased by one year old, so by the end of a transaction is often golden. Consumers: cheaper plans to re-price from "A car with a low age of 3 years Accord 2.0L hand, can win 12 million, lower than the nearly half of new cars." Amoy is second-hand car market, said Mr. Chang, Mr. Zhang's purchase criteria have two point, one vehicle age not too long, and second, the prices of new cars with the models in 20 million. Airport car park, according to second-hand car market market development manager Lin Che-introduced in the past in the car park to used car transactions are known as the "youngest-like", that is, Jetta, Beverly, Santana, but from this year's data, transactions volume of the top five models were Charade, Santana, Accord, Jetta and Passat, Beverly has been invisible, and car quality is gradually improved. "In the past the average price of 35,000 yuan trading up and down, is this year should look forward towards the 50,000 yuan." Elitesland said that because Xiali brand in the city has an extensive mass foundation, by many means of transport only for the purpose of consumption the favorite. In addition to the average trading price of the upgrade, the older cars also tend to deal younger. According to data released yesterday, the first 11 months of trading of the vehicles after the date of manufacture of vehicles in 2007, has risen to 25% of the total trading volume, and gradually "squeeze" the car 4-7 years old used cars in the total transaction the amount of the share. For many consumers to buy second-hand car, the "Chart cheap" is no longer the sole purpose of them, focusing on cost-effective, would like to spend less money to buy luxury cars has become a lot more in dominant ideology of consumer luxury cars.
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