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Advantage of hot used cars for many who buy a used car
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What people buy second-hand car for? Cheap used cars is the biggest selling point. With the same money to buy a new car you can buy a quality used car high. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing car costs, the general public to buy used cars may well be more informed choices. And some novice drivers, driver's license but the technology, but just took a hard, it might as well buy a used car and thought hand. For those who want to experience the fresh feeling of auto enthusiasts, used car is the only choice. The advantages of buying used cars 1. Affordable Used cars usually are not the latest model automobile market nowadays, generally two years behind, the same brand same model used car, buy one to two years later, can save thousands of dollars. In addition, as oil prices rise, people travel costs continue to increase. If the economy is not very well-off people, buying a car just to travel, buy a used car is still very cost-effective. 2. Low discount rate Any car, as long as, after landing in the Vehicle Administration registration, whether or not you, or you use more or spend less, it is the value of each year are dropping. In general, depreciation of 20% after one year, after two years of depreciation of 35%, 50% three years after the devaluation. Used car appraiser, according to Hu introduced, the more the larger luxury cars discount rate, discount rate each year will be up to 1 million yuan. If you buy a second hand car, is equivalent to others in the discount rate to their bill, the money to buy a new car, you can buy two good used car, even if you spent a few years, then sell the car, but also will not lose much. 3. Scratches do not feel bad Now a lot of people who are novice to buy a car, often dubbed the "killer road", due to driving experience, driving less, on the road will inevitably scratch bumper, if it is a new car would have hit about painting, maintenance, add up this is not a small fee. And buying a used car, even scratching the feeling this will be much less distressed. Harmless as long as the small touch of small scratch, you can just live with, so big problems, to the car to do a major renovation, beauty on it. 4. Part good with Buy a new car market, once the failure, usually run a lot of places there is still hard to buy auto parts, but if buying a used car, then not difficult to buy auto parts to worry about. Because the general second-hand cars are two years later models, with zero for the car, beauty, maintenance and other automotive service industry has been very sound and mature parts of the vehicle is also more adequate, vehicle owners generally do not buy longer to the auto parts and running around. 5. Great choice If the economy is not well-off people want to buy a new car, the only co-own the money may not buy new cars mind. However, if converted to buy second-hand car, little money can also choose many good models. In other words, the same money, buy used cars than the choice of space and room space for a large number of new car purchase.
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