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Wuxi luxury children clothing consumer price comparable to used car desirable t
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Are becoming cold, winter clothes into the hot period, the cotton, fur, cashmere and other raw materials prices significantly, thousands of adults from the counter of the winter at every turn, so that some consumers have been screaming too much. However, on November 3 in Wuxi Yaohan See a two-year-old children's coats priced up to 18,888 yuan, and even many adults are far behind the brand. Although the commercial buildings and Yaohan CATIMINI, KENZO, ARMATEN, CELDEN, JACADI other international line Brand children's clothing prices are too expensive, but the sales staff turnover reflects "bad." In this regard, education experts believe that a child's luxury consumer is satisfied the vanity of adults, "internationalization package" is not conducive to child health Growth. Kids can purchase a used piece of Santana Fur vest, a small evening bag, insert the crystal shoes ... ... now the fashionable luxury series also appeared in children's clothing. November 3, at KENZO counters, showcase on display year-old baby in a cardigan sweater price Grid of up to 980 yuan, 660 yuan a scarf also, inside Looking through all the new winter 2000 on the Yuan Dynasty. Counter personnel, the brand is a Japanese creation of the French fashion designer, is the famous fashion Boutique, its products include jewelry, watches, eyewear, perfume, and its design followed the trend of children's clothing and some fashion with the baby her mother would come to buy. The most conspicuous place in the CELDEN counter, a "high price" is a small store with a bezel fur coat well "framed" and do show up, the price of 18,888 yuan attracted many consumers stop and wonder. "Two-year-old children's clothes To be so expensive, can buy a used Santana. "There are customers feel weird. Sales personnel, the South Korean brand is attached to the original single-brand company's high-end children's clothing, is the flagship of the French style, jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, shoes and bags are all trace of Law Small Princess Little Prince Fan children. And all of this children's coat made from mink, material although less than in adult clothing, but it is imported from abroad, so more expensive. "As a unique brand of Yaohan, this A few pieces of clothes did the country, but people still come to buy in Wuxi. "Sales said. Yaohan and commercial buildings in several other children in the big counter, on the thousands of children a couple of thousand dollars of baby boots and down jacket, leather jacket everywhere, wind palace, campus style, romantic wind was fierce, the price with Sample is also high staggering. Children born international "first line" spent 5,000 yuan "I just turned 100 days granddaughter children, I gave her with a new outfit, from head to toe are international brands." Encountered in commercial buildings are shopping for a stroller, dressed in the old aunt, she said she daughter is a high Age of pregnant women, babies born to take some risks, food, clothing, to toys and school supplies after what she wants to buy the best, "now eat are from Hong Kong to buy milk." She pointed to a company called JACADI children's wear brand, said the child had shoes and socks during the Hundred Days is in this to buy a pair of small red shoes sheepskin 470 yuan, 160 yuan a pair of socks, bare feet on the set of spent 600 yuan . "The children's personal clothing texture is very important, must not damage the skin, and children like to put clothes into his mouth, for security reasons, I would rather buy expensive some of the." To this end, the old aunt specifically to Shanghai Westgate bought an international brand of baby underwear, about 500 yuan, she said that only adults but also the brand counters in Wuxi. Forget about the old aunt, plus buy cashmere baby jacket, cotton jacket and hat scarf Family spent a total of nearly 5,000 to purchase the first line of the baby. Old aunt plan to buy a 3,000 yuan a stroller, although still less than granddaughter, but she can not wait to have everything ready. For the future, children grow up, how to deal with these luxury, she said temporary Not thought of. Adult children are also scouring the big love Yaohan CELDEN and ARMATEN is settled this year in August the two new children's clothing brand, sales staff said the turnover has been pretty good opening, though smaller than normal number of counter sales, but because of high price-off sales Often at the forefront. Many come to buy are also customers of the brand has some recognition. "Some parents themselves are also some luxury brands and high-end brand fans, willing to spend money to children to buy brand-name." Positive Visiting children in a small husband and wife told reporters that children's skin more tender requirements for clothing fabrics are also particularly high, and large brand more reassuring, they gave 3-year-old daughter picked out a certain brand of France 2380 yuan feather Cashmere clothing. The luxury children's wear are not only the body, many little girls were also big area to children's gold. ARMATEN counter sales staff, said the Italian-style main brand children's clothing for children 5 to 15-year-old clothing, the largest Code number until 160 cm, some of the clothing and design of plate was welcomed by the smaller girls, "the pursuit of girls dream to visit children is common and can serve as wearing out." Even the clothes do not fit, buy ELAND, ADIDAS, NB, NIKE and other brand "KIDS" series, scarves, bags, socks and other goods is also very cost-effective, single product cheaper than adults. Excessive consumption impede the normal play "Now more and more children's expenses as they become parents, a symbol of wealth. Kids dress well, indicating the high quality of life of parents." Kangqiao Li Jing Kindergarten, a kindergarten teacher pointed out sharply the past Some parents in the comparisons of the real estate, cars and luxury goods have their own post, now the next generation of life from the comparisons, which makes more and more big-name fashion children's wear and children's products began eyeing this cake. Some kindergarten teachers believe that children develop over-consumption in addition to psychological comparisons, but also will hinder the children's physical development, because the child designer clothing will hinder the normal play. "Undue wear on the child's growth and development is a kind of obstacle", a teacher, for example some mothers to their children wear expensive clothes, they fought not allowed, not allowed to touch it touch it, the "no damage" Clothes make the child will not play outdoors, hindering the growth of their innocent personality, and some clothes, packing their children like little adults, and even some high-grade leather shoes do not fit the skeleton of a child Growth. They suggested that parents give their children to buy clothing and children's products, try to comfort as the first choice, and child growth and development of fast, sometimes months before the new shoes, new clothes for once, paid a higher cost easy to make Into the waste, preferably by example the correct concept of consumption among children.
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