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Shanghai East Shanghai Brilliance car used-car market sources major update af
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3550 Gong He Xin Road, Zhabei District, located at No. Hudong Brilliance used car market, stationed in the market, used car broker, the sales volume rose significantly before the National Day, Festival have added a large number of vehicle volume on the secondary Vehicle interested friends may wish to see. Market is located in East Shanghai Brilliance Gonghexinlu and Field Road at the junction of an alley under a bridge, geographically remote, affected by the location, Hudong Brilliance in the used car market in the influential when Very limited, people come to choose a car not many, so prices of parking spaces is more expensive relative to other markets, so will the price side of the car relative to those known to be a large market, cheap. I say that the old Liu from a merchant: Hudong hundred parking spaces within the ranges associated second-hand automobile market cheaper than the other half of the market even more, knowing that not many people here, mostly to car to some field The Che Fanzi, Complete model here, not only cars, a large number van, and a small number of trucks and buses. In Hudong Brilliance in the market is not only some small businesses have several well-known large-scale second-hand car in Shanghai brokerage firm, for example, used car safety and Mentor Economic Co headquarters located here, On the United States nearly 4 years since its inception way Time to carry out direct chain business model the acquisition of second-hand car business professionals and value added services, has been uphold the "integrity, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" business philosophy is committed to provide consumers with more ease, comfort And convenient, the acquisition, replacement and value-added services.
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