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Fashion for a new natural way to transform car replacement options Cheung Enjoy
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Following the "first full-energy pioneer, Department of Waste Management offers 3,000 main event models", the Chongqing Changan Suzuki

Automobile Co., Ltd. in September re-launch a "'change' then a new fashion incarnations" activities. This led to car replacement market

riding out the policies will not only promote the sales of Changan Suzuki to further enhance their own, and this fit the service concept of

consumer demand, will further enhance consumer satisfaction.

For this event, Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. relevant responsible person said: "After years of development of the domestic car market

has been a considerable part of the family into the purchase of vehicles require replacement of the times. How to solve old and new car

replacement, has been plagued the owners. Changan Suzuki consumer demand for the service in line with the core, timely feedback for the

market launch of this initiative, in the do Huimin, riding out at the same time, but the main purpose is to better consumer solution for the

real problem. "

Activities from September 1, 2010 start, to December 31, 2010 the end of time up to 4 months, covering the northeast, north, central and

southern China and the northwest and southwest regions of more than twenty different cities. Participation of consumers, can use any brand of

a car replacement in a day language SX4 series (except Value Edition) new car. In this process, Changan Suzuki dealers will be professional,

impartial car replacement service, consumers give up completely because the information is not sold second-hand car, etc. encountered

concerns, to ensure that each access to the most used car fair replacement price.

At the same time, consumers who participate in activities, Changan Suzuki will also be provided by the replacement subsidy payments. Chang'an

Suzuki models to replace them, and get 1,500 yuan of subsidy payments, replacement of other brands of cars, get 1,000 yuan of subsidy

payments. It is worth mentioning that, if the owners of Changan Suzuki Tianyu SX4 purchase of another series, the same can get a replacement

subsidy of 1,500 yuan. The replacement price subsidies is just the premise of an additional, active participants will gain real benefits.

Not only that, combined with the activities of Changan Suzuki has also simultaneously launched the "Replacement + car loan," the combination

of benefits programs. Substitution subsidies in access to the same time, consumers can also enjoy the participation of up to 3 "million"

discount gift (1 +2 million km million in cash benefits and maintenance); for car loans customers can not only offset the down payment used

car , truly Tianyu SX4 "0 yuan 'loans' to go home," and can enjoy the zero interest rate policy and low fees. These policies can also enjoy

the preferential margin add up the same level models has been greatly exceeded.

Tianyu SX4 car as the world's first cross-border fashion and, upon introduction to the stylish appearance, fully multi-functional features,

superior quality and economical fuel consumption become compact cross-border truck leader. Sales continued to grow at the same time (in the

first half up 43%), also reflects the market value of its purchase of a high degree of recognition. In this case, the timely introduction of

Changan Suzuki fit market demand, so the replacement activity, not only to solve practical problems for consumers, and the benefits brought

about by the activity is real. So "intimate" and "pragmatic" initiative, consumers will be highly appreciated, and further consolidate the

days of the phrase in the middle Jiajiao segment SX4 First Army position.

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