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Civic Chongqing push "inclination Edition" offers more than 2 million
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WASHINGTON Who Beijing Shanghai is the car price depression? Civic Chongqing, at least [Review Photo Forum] is not the case. Last week

reporters learned from Blockbuster Dongfeng Honda, Civic shop new push "inclination version of" margin of preference up to 2 million yuan,

the rate has been higher than that of Beijing, Shanghai and other places. If you participate in the replacement, you can also enjoy more than

the purchase price of used cars.

This reporter has learned, interests version of the original models are fitted with leather seats and some other configuration, offers more

than 2 million policies introduced, the dealer profit is no longer present to speak frankly, some models are even selling at a loss. It is

understood that the margin of preference in Beijing and other places not more than 2 million, while the same model in Chongqing, at least a

few thousand dollars more than the field to 1 million price advantage is quite obvious attraction. Also learned that from 19 to 24, six days

time, Blockbuster will launch the East of the "Autumn Sale Week" launched a sale every day car, the implementation of special sale, buy

limited edition, a total of 6 cars for sale you choose purchase.

In addition, the store launched the "100 used car acquisition," is currently recruiting in your hands the second-hand car, no matter how long

service life, can be higher than the market price of replacement new car price. Life is short, Condition new used car, or even sell the new

car price.

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