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Prices of used cars can be replaced with a new Mercedes-Benz
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    WASHINGTON Recently, the reporter learned from Chongqing stars shun cars, the store launched in September during the "dream car for

intellectual activity", who in September to shop for car replacement during the Mercedes-Benz B Class, C-class vehicles specified type of

consumer, can enjoy the new car used car market price at the current price of replacement policies.

According to a press car from Chongqing sing along to understand, to participate in this event is limited to replacement of the models

currently on the market price of 20 million or less in the mid-size car, including the Nissan Tiida, Tiida, Xiao-off, Honda Civic, Fit , Ford

Focus, Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo, Long Yi, Toyota Vios, Suzuki day language, the Kia Sportage, Furui Di, Cerato, Rui Europe; modern Yue move,

Accent, Citroen and other Sega Intermediate current mainstream family cars or urban SUV, the useful life of all the models within 2 years, no

major accident, can participate in exchange activities. Consumers only need to drive the truck to sing along car showroom, the experts

confirmed that Star Core used car after the vehicle speed to meet the requirements that the new car market for the current price of the car

price replacement Mercedes-Benz B-class, C class specified models.

Participate in the activities of this replacement is made Mercedes-Benz B-Class Mercedes-Benz C-class and specify the model, the current

market price of 30 million, has a very close to the people for money. Sing along vehicle-related sources, introduced the purpose of this

activity is to allow more younger consumers have a more relaxed way of Mercedes-Benz products. It is calculated that, if a current market

price of new vehicles to 15 million used cars for replacement activities, consumers only need to pay about 200,000 yuan to buy imported or

domestically produced Mercedes-Benz B-Class C-Class sedans.

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