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Heart day fastened a car after all what to bring us
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Who after all about car of heart day department in everybody actor what bad is contended for when getting be red in the face, the car that as attention Chinese auto industry develops is friendly people it seems that oversight a problem: What did heart day fasten a car after all to be brought to us? After all, from which the Shanghai masses with joint-stock heart begins, time had gone 24 years, should be not short time. Perhaps, in " check inventory check " after heart day fastened a car after all what to give us, again for heart department car and day fasten a car after all who is more honest and kind not late also.

Say heart department car first. Check course of these 24 years, the masses, BMW, run quickly although the core concept of the company is proud " engineer culture

Now, say day fastens a car for, the cooperative time of day department car and China also is in 20 years of above, so, what core technology did they bring to us? Be advanced engine technology? The engine of 3 water chestnut is applied very wide, can mature superabundant, do not talk to go up however advanced, more do not talk to go up original creation. The Vvt-i engine as to Feng Tian and the I-vtec engine of this cropland, already classics cannot say is advanced, come a few this years, deploy all the time flying degree, power gallop, on the model of a few generation of beautiful luck of Hekai of Kaluola, elegant case, just do some " dozens small small be troubled by " local change enters morale efficiency " the technology is innovated " , I feel more seem the market to promote " colour head " . Excuse me, who can tell me, did in China the day of joint-stock production fasten a car to introduce that one engine that be without a rival? My ignorant, I do not know. Still have transmission? Still have chassis? Still have the electric technology that they take great pride? They the thing with the most advanced what brought us? Si Balu's most advanced or so symmetrical motor arranges technology and technology of entire drive of or so semmetry to remain Japan up to now " native land patent " , we are done not have, whats are done not have! Begin from Xiali, they introduce Chinese a future life to produce those who will sell, it is " mature and not advanced " product. This, day department car brings us. They take away sizable gain, we still penniless. Look please, "The business is prosperous " wide this, wide abundant, east this, Dong Feng, did they make those attempts on own innovation? Obtained those progress? We should like to ask: This is another kind of meaning go up " block " and " aggressive " ! ? If want to say what bring to us to day fastens a car really, nothing more than two respects: It is " pliable " " mercantile type " produce sale concept, very effective cost accuses, agile and changeful price mechanism, with the interactive relationship with good media, these, tie day car " pack " apple-pie! The fact proves this is very successful. 2 it is the close design that human nature changes, in the car design and production detail are paid attention to " considerate " , this is day of department car most " be without a rival " place, let a client one is plant " sacred feeling " , this also is day of department car " act artfully to get what one wants " and " please " brillant place.
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