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Summer prevents a car to heat up catch a cold
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Summer arrived, weather is burning hot and rainy, love car needs to be caressed attentively more. But the error of a few maintenance may cause love car " hot catch a cold " , need us special attention.

Fetal pressing is exorbitant too low a lot of worse car advocate know a such common sense, summer arrives, as road surface temperature elevatory, fetal pressing rises very easily, because the embryo of this summer tyre is pressed,want to be moved some lowlier than spring. Once fetal pressing is exorbitant, quicken tire very easily to wear away, bring detonate embryo thereby. But a lot of cars advocate do not know, once fetal pressing is too low, tire is long bedding face accumulates attrition, can cause tire sidewall turn to be broken zigzag, cause thereby become flat accident. Accordingly, professional personage points out, the summer is taken holding tire embryo to press is the key that prevents a car to become flat, reduce what summertime embryo presses capacity control to be in 10% the left and right sides is most appropriate.

To prevent to become flat, professional personage suggests, want to change in time to achieving the tire of wear limit, also can undertake round of four conversion regularly at ordinary times, with the rear wheel before the balance wear away state. And drive for long, when opening high speed especially, car advocate best can time rest, in order to achieve the goal that for tire and car the component drops in temperature. Additional, in road of drive a vehicle if be encountered suddenly,become flat accident, car advocate should endeavor to control traffic first, use the means such as shift gears or hand brake to decelerate speed, the embryo changes car berth in roadside proper motion or wait to come to help.

Summer also should be in with antifreeze a lot of cars advocate in the idea, antifreeze needs in the winter only, the motor that is used at preventing the car below microtherm and cistern are not frozen. Arrive summer, a lot of cars advocate often replace antifreeze with ordinary tap water, do not know antifreeze uses prevent frostbite actually not only however.

Introduce according to professional personage, compare with water photograph, antifreeze can protect cistern better, prolong the service life of engine. The antifreeze that although use the cost of water,compares ten yuan accordingly is low, but from long-term will look or the loss outweights the gain.

   4 method are prevented " hot catch a cold "

Prevent a car " hot catch a cold " often should clean engine. If engine is exterior the smeary and overmuch, heavy panel on the component, with respect to meeting influence engine comes loose hot, suffer from to the car thereby " hot catch a cold " leave snake in the grass, accordingly, car a group of things with common features often must clean engine.

Often clean cistern. Burning hot summer, water of occurrence cistern of classics regular meeting is warm the circumstance with the not cool air conditioning inside exorbitant, car, this is the common fault of summertime car, and this one common fault causes a car to suffer from just about " hot catch a cold " one of main reasons, accordingly, car a group of things with common features wants to often clean cistern. Those who need an attention is, when cleaning cistern, should first cistern condenser external plaque is demolished, choose proper point of view to undertake spray rinsing next, cannot openly eject, and hydraulic cannot exorbitant, lest damage the carbon fin of cistern condenser, additional, cannot go to water jet engine is external on electric equipment component, lest cause the short circuit of electric equipment component.
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