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Are you met " jockey " ?
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Neither one driver can admit him " won't jockey " . But occasionally, to search a parking space or it is not to let love a car to insolate below burning sun, you may have been being done " won't jockey " thing.

Irregular road surface jockeys not desirable

Of parking space rare be short of practice large quantities of jockeying ace. Be in the urban district to often can see such circumstance: Footpath of over or across of a car and blame motor vehicle, tilt the ground stops in roadside, still have many SUV self-reliant batholith is tall, develop brae or chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position directly, like acrobatics the performance stops in in that way how do one look unlike car place. As time passes, such jockeying the law is in car advocate in spread, many personages love a car are blown to prevent a car loiter, be insolated, also park the car in the driveway to middleman or be a few concave and convex and grave site.

Park the car in such position to look be like " fall stomach " , can hurt a car actually. Love car can be out of shape ceaselessly accordingly, once automobile body is out of shape, car not " obedient " . Do not want 9 centimeters to think be out of shape it doesn't matter, it can accuse to the drill of car and stability causes serious effect.

If park car for a long time on a few uneven field, bring about four-wheel drop is too big, frame of as time passes is met screwy, serious can affect normal switch door even. Injure photograph comparing with majority, of automobile body frame be out of shape is most the vehicle that retrieves hard " anile " symptom.

Covet is shady and cool car harmful pain

Pawn of summertime burning sun, car seeing love is below the sun insolate, violent wind of the temperature inside the car rises 50 ℃ , many cars advocate aching unceasingly. Get off helplessly finite, then a few cars had the head of shade, eave actively.

Really, park the car in large tree falls or can let love a car to spare below eave insolating suffering, can be a lot of malpractice cars advocate may not knows. The biggest menace comes from the birdie on the tree, once the large tree in your photograph is taken a fancy to by the birdie of gang, one the world comes, the birds' droppings affirmation on the car is little not. Thinking birds' droppings is not smelly is harmless, you clean even if immediately love car, the acidity part that birds' droppings place includes or permanent splash stays very easily on car lacquer. Another menace comes from colophony and confiture, colophony, confiture not only acidity is bigger, do not use special clear lotion to keep clear of hard even, be clearly to the harm of car lacquer.

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