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10 necessary things inside the car
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1. Car of mothball tire proposal advocate must every 3 months inspect mothball tire regularly, aerate to it even when necessary.

2. Jack jack is to change the tool with indispensable embryo. When buying two handcart, must check jack in good condition, the jack that because former plant is added,sends is deft use easily.

3. Kit of the kit that follow a car lays a few main tools normally, include spanner, screwdriver, annulus circle spoon.

4. Flashlight is puissant flashlight, below the condition that meets bad car in evening, it is OK to divide outside making examination car illume, issue signal of ask for help or can be being used more is signal other vehicle, ensure safe.

5. Medicaments of emergency treatment of etc of liquid medicine of stock bandage, gauze, disinfection answers in case of emergency treatment case, when producing an accident in order to have, make first aid with. 6. Electric insulation glove basically can be mixed in urgent maintenance both hands cleanness maintains when clean automobile body, or when should wanting to open engine lid or cistern lid, make heat insolation with. Had better use electric insulation glove, when handling electric equipment issue, can avoid to get an electric shock.

7. Answer on distilled water car standing about 1 litre distilled water, ordinary clear water or mineral water cannot treat as absolutely batteries water is used.

8. Contemporary car is in canister of small-sized put out a fire when producing an accident, very few already meeting produces fire alarm, but canister of a put out a fire can help a person at any time one life.

9. The play after tyre prevents leakage agent to be able to be pricked to defeat by acerb thing in tyre prevents leakage function, discharge the trouble that should change an embryo immediately.

10. Manual of former plant car appears when the car when the problem, for example caution light of the certain in dashboard is shining, can find out a reason from inside manual.

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