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4 action discern " film of heat insolation of true and false "
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Brand of adiabatic film market is bristly, user choice is much, also be " shoddy " offerred " space " . Che Zhiyou teachs you to pass simple 4 action, will discern " film of heat insolation of true and false " .

The first action, accredit certificate is offerred " set his mind at to feel " . If condition of construction workshop core is dirty random, it is likely very " false adiabatic film " .

The 2nd action, data test is brought up " piercing eye " . Instrument of requirement inn family expenses will determine the adiabatic rate of its line out, light transmittance and ultraviolet ray cut off lead 3 thumb bid. Heat insolation leads the film in 50 % above, truckload the price is in more 5000 yuan of above, heat insolation leads the film that controls in 40 % , truckload the price is controlled in 3000 yuan. If inn-keeper says 1000 yuan or so to whole vehicle sticks film, adiabatic rate is as high as 60 % , that affirmation is nonsense.

The 3rd action, dog the process bewares " perpetrate a fraud " . Be sure to keep in mind to cut the diaphragm of size of a 10 centimeter into parts on the leftover material that sticks film, add in protect card to go up character, if feel,film has a problem to be able to go manufacturer appraisal true bogus.

The 4th action, protect card to stand still character " last hillock " .

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